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The Importance of a Dark Room for Your Baby's Sleep

The Importance of a Dark Room for Your Baby’s Sleep

As a sleep consultant in San Diego, one of the most common concerns I hear from parents is about improving their baby’s sleep. One fundamental ...
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Is Baby Sleep a Matter of Luck?

I hear it all the time. “I got so lucky with a good sleeper” or “My friend’s child is just naturally a good sleeper. She ...
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How many naps according to age. 

The first year of your child’s sleep is the most fluid. Sleep needs and stamina change constantly, decreasing the amount of daytime sleep your little ...
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The 8-month Sleep Regression, Explained.  

If you have an 8-month-old (and actually up to 10 months old) who is suddenly not napping, or waking up in the middle of the ...
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Baby’s First Valentine’s Day: Tips for New Parents

For new parents, it can be challenging to find time for romance with the demands of caring for a baby. As a pediatric sleep coach, ...
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Dressing Your Baby for Sleep in Cold Weather 

1. How to know if your baby is cold Let’s tackle a common misconception: those chilly hands your baby has aren’t a sign they’re freezing. ...
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