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We all cherish the moments when our children go to sleep, as they bring peace, silence, and quality time. As parents, we come to understand the amount of energy required to raise children and the significance of even a few moments to ourselves or our partners. These moments provide much-needed respite and allow us to recharge for the next day.

When I became a mother for the first time, I quickly realized the importance of good sleep for myself, my husband, and my baby. Without sufficient rest, I felt ill, irritable, and tired, lacking the energy to truly enjoy my baby. I have never been ashamed to shared with people that I did not like being a mom. My relationship with my husband was also suffering as a result. I learned that getting enough sleep is essential for the well-being of both my family and myself.

Immediately, I developed a passion for sleep, and for helping families like yours. By teaching my baby how to sleep, our lives changed. We were no longer exhausted and had energy to fully cherish our child and each other. Soon after having my second child, I founded Not A Peep. 


My philosophy is straightforward. I hold the belief that having a consistent routine forms the foundation of good sleep habits and content children. The Not A Peep team explores and finds solutions that meet the unique needs of your family. We craft plans that are easy to implement and considerate of both you and your child’s needs. Providing support during the process of teaching your child to sleep is of utmost importance to us. We are here to assist and guide you

– María Clara López


our Mission

We save people. Really.

Sleep is essential, and this is the driving force behind our mission. By helping you regain quality sleep, we aim to restore balance to your life, allowing you to experience parenthood without sacrificing your health, relationships, or family dynamics. Every family and child is unique, and at Not A Peep, we are on a mission to providing gentle, customized sleep solutions that meet the individual needs of each and every one of our clients. Our goal is to deliver tangible results that support and enhance your family’s well-being.


Consulting Team

Our family of experts

Our family of experts is passionate about helping families get the rest they need, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication to their work.

María Clara López

Founder, Not a Peep Sleep Coach
Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Spanish and English

Maria has a B.A in Psychology from Georgia State University and is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. She is a Happiest Baby on the Blok Educator, and a member of IPSA and the APSC.

I wish more people were as kind, professional and supportive as Maria. Even though we are not in the same city, Maria was able to help us with our baby’s sleep; she always picked up the phone or texted us back. I don’t think you can get this kind of service with any other Sleep Consultant (and there’s thousands out there). Our baby now sleeps the night through!!! Thank you Maria, my only regret is not hiring you before.

Tiffany Borucki

Not A Peep Sleep Coach
Tulsa Metropolitan area and Owasso, OK
Tiffany Borucki

Tiffany holds a certification in Pediatric Sleep Consulting and an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Nursing from Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City. She is a former L & D and Pediatric Neurology nurse. 

Our baby sleeps like a champ at night! After working with Tiffany, naps are so much better. We have so much more confidence when dealing with our newborn and his sleep.
The Harber Family

Lindsey Colburn

Not A Peep Sleep Coach
Coronado, CA
Lindsey Colburn

Lindsey has a Certification as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant from Sleep Sense™

Lindsey helped our family find balance and a better sleep schedule for our 7 yo! We very much appreciated the compassion and firm guidance!
Daphne, 7 years
Years of
Families with improved
quality of life around the world


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