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Lindsey Colburn

Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach

Coronado, CA

Lindsey is the mother of two girls and wife to a military service member! Since 2018, through her pediatric sleep training and personal experience, she has built expertise in handling sleep during challenging times like constant traveling and complex health conditions. Navy life has turned Lindsey into a guru when it comes to handling sleep during trips overseas and maintaining sleep during life-changing events. She also knows all too well the challenges of bedtime when a partner is away!

Lindsey has a B.A. in Criminal Justice and Pre-Law from Washington University and has a background in preschool education. She currently lives in Coronado, CA with her loving husband and her two girls. When she’s not busy giving parents back their sleep, you can find her playing with her Goldendoodle, spending time at the beach, boating, and embroidering. 

Lindsey helped our family find balance and a better sleep schedule for our 7 yo! We very much appreciated the compassion and firm guidance!
Daphne, 7 years

What people are saying ABOUT Lindsey

When we started with Lindsey two weeks ago, our son was waking multiple times a night and napping in his crib no longer than 30 minutes at a time; resulting in holding him to finish his naps. We have a two year old daughter, so this was just not ideal for our family. Two weeks after beginning her plan he is napping in his crib consistently and we don't have to enter the nursery at night. HELLO SLEEP! Lindsey had everything laid out from the start and answered all of our questions and concerns with confidence, detail, and reassurance. We couldn't recommend her and her services enough!
John Webb
5 Months
We reached out to Lindsey when our daughter started waking up super early almost every day and having some night wakings. She would only sleep if her daddy was holding her. After Lindey tweaked our routine a little bit and gave us some tools to use we saw a difference within days. She is sleeping better at night and hasn't been having early morning wakings. Lindsey set us up with the best plan for our family. We are so grateful for her time and attention to detail. She put so much love and care into our entire family.
18 Months
"Lindsey is a saint! She was so patient working with me for over a month helping me get my little one some better sleep. She is quick to reply to messages and was always there to help me work through the struggles and celebrate the successes. When I started working with her my little man was staying up past midnight, naps and waketimes were all over the place and he was only sleeping when he was being held. Now he goes down on his own for much more consistent naps and has a regular bedtime and wake times. She has given me everything I need to get him on the right track and even more information on special circumstances (like illness) that may mess us up in the future and what his schedule should look like as he grows. I'm so grateful for all her help. I wouldn't be able to be as present for my other kids or be able to take care of all the things a Mom needs to do without her!!
10 Weeks
What we learned from Truly Rested has definitely been life changing! Lindsey is so knowledgeable, supportive, and truly passionate about her teachings. We came to Lindsey, because we could not get our son to nap in his crib for ANY naps! Lindsey provided a customized program that was adaptable to our needs, and attainable. What I also loved was that the goal wasn’t to put our son in a room by himself and let him figure it out eventually. Together we decided on a program that was not only appropriate for Casch, but also what would work for our family. We used the tools she taught us and it was only a matter of days before our little guy was sleeping by himself, and putting himself to sleep! I am so thankful our paths crossed with Lindsey, and highly, highly recommend her for any of your sleep training needs!
6 Month
Before we contacted Lindsey, our six month old daughter's sleep was all over the place. She would sleep in her crib in our room, while I was holding her, or I even went as far as co-sleeping because I was so desperate for sleep from her waking up multiple times per night. Being a firm believer in safe sleep and knowing what could happen, our family needed help. We had no routine or schedule and just followed Madison's sleep cues. Lindsey helped us fix all of that all while teaching us about infant sleep at the same time. Lindsey made sure we were comfortable with all changes too which we appreciated. We wanted the plan where we would have follow up contact with her, which was so nice! She checked in with us regularly and we were able to contact her with any questions we had. Madison is now sleeping in her crib in her room and not waking up nearly as much, on a schedule with a routine, and overall, a much happier and more alert baby. We highly recommend Lindsey if your family needs help getting your little one's sleep back on track!
6 Months
We have nothing but POSITIVE things to say about our amazing experience with Lindsey!!! She is very knowledgeable, super responsive, and so pleasant to work with. At 12 months, our daughter was still consistently waking up 3-4 times a night before we received Lindsey’s guidance. With a handful of tweaks, our baby was sleeping through the night in less than a week! I have been talking up Lindsey to anyone who has a little one that has sleep issues. I can’t thank Lindsey enough for finally feeling “Truly Rested
12 Months
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