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The 8-month Sleep Regression, Explained.  

If you have an 8-month-old (and actually up to 10 months old) who is suddenly not napping, or waking up in the middle of the night, or both, AND there is no logical explanation for this (no illness, no life changes), then you need to continue reading. I’m about to tell you all you need to know to understand what is going on with your bundle of joy and how to survive this without making things worse.

What is a sleep regression?

A sleep regression is a sudden change in your baby’s sleep patterns that cannot be explained. A.K.A, exactly what you are witnessing right now. They can include protest and fussiness during bedtime and nap time, short naps, and middle-of-the-night awakenings.

What causes the 8-month sleep regression?

There are two main reasons: First, at eight months old your baby has newly discovered mobility that your baby will want to use all day and all night. Other new skills at this age like crawling, sitting up, and cruising can also cause this sleep regression. And second, separation anxiety is a big deal at this age.

How long does the 8-month sleep regression last?

Anywhere from one to three weeks. If you are consistent with your baby’s routines and if you stay away from introducing new habits around sleep during the regression it should be short-lived. If the regression lasts for longer, it is time to look at other factors that could be causing sleep issues, like using the wrong wake windows, not having routines for your baby, or a lack of independent sleep skills. You can reach out to our baby sleep expert for a consultation.

Do all babies go through the 8-month sleep regression?

Nope! As a matter of fact, babies don’t go through every single sleep regression. It’s a lottery, and in fact, some unicorn littles never go through sleep regressions – like, at all!

How to get your baby back to sleep during the 8-month sleep regression?

Stick LIKE GLUE to your baby’s routines. I cannot emphasize this enough. Try not to alter anything in desperation. If your baby doesn’t have any daytime and nighttime routines, introduce them now.

-Make sure you are using the correct wake windows. At this age, wake windows should be 3.5 hours long before each nap and before bedtime.

-If your baby is still taking three naps, cut down to two naps.

-Give your baby the chance to practice their new skills during the day so that they do not have the urge to do so at night.

-Consider sleep training if the regression lasts for more than three weeks.

If you are stuck in the 8-month sleep regression, my team of sleep consultants is here to help. We offer free evaluation calls, virtual mini-consults, and comprehensive sleep coaching packages that have changed the lives of hundreds of families like yours. For baby sleep training services in NJ and nationwide, contact us today!

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