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Relationship Troubles? Get some sleep!

Relationship Troubles

Sleep deprivation is no joke. It’s widely known that it affects our health, but did you know that it has an impact on your relationship with others? Here’s how:

You turn into a toddler.

The part of our brain that controls our reactions, the amygdala, goes out of balance when we are sleep deprived. We may overreact to situations and become more irritable, and also fail to respond to other people’s emotions. Small problems may seem bigger. Ever witnessed an overtired toddler? We become the adult version of that: irrational and irritable.

You push your partner away.

Your brain goes into survival mode. This means that it’ll focus on important activities like eating, and tasks that aren’t needed for survival, like conversations with your partner, go out the window. Sleep deprivation decimates all the things you need to make a relationship work.

You get sick.

Sleep deprivation weakens your immune system. It’s true that sleep deprivation can increase your risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and depression, but something as minor as getting frequent colds could very well be because you’re not getting enough sleep. Who wants to be out and about with a significant other when you’re not feeling well? Furthermore, more serious complications mean your partner has to take on the role of your caretaker. This will take an emotional toll on both of you.

Next time you’re wondering why all of a sudden you can’t stand your partner breathing next to you, why you’ve been fighting the same cold for weeks, or forgot to take out the trash, think again. Are you getting enough sleep?

If your relationship is suffering from lack of sleep, now is the time to hire a Sleep Consultant!

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