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Traveling With Baby? Here’s What to Pack!

Baby travel

Traveling with your baby is no easy feat, and thinking of all the things you need to bring with you can get overwhelming. Because we are all about making your life easier, we have put together a list to help you.

Baby Basics: Baby lotion, sunblock, diaper cream, diapers, and wipes.

How many outfits to pack for baby?

Two outfits per day, plus two PJs. Pjs stay clean longer! Make sure to have two outfits within reach on your way to and from your destination in case of diaper explosion or lost luggage! 

How many diapers to pack when traveling?

The number of diapers you need to pack for your baby depends on each baby! You are the only one who knows how many times per day your baby with soil a diaper. Add an extra three diapers to that number in case of explosions! We are huge fans of only packing enough diapers and wipes on your way to and from your destination, and purchasing them as needed once you’ve arrived at your destination. You don’t need two weeks’ worth of diapers taking over space in your luggage!

Baby Sleep Items: A pack n’ play, your baby’s swaddle or sleep sack, lovey (if they have one), a source of white noise, and something to make the room darker (we love the Slumberpod!)

Bring your baby’s sleep sack or swaddle and don’t wash it, that way it will smell like home and will give your baby familiarity. For white noise, you can download a free app to your phone and leave it on all night in plane mode! And last but not least, you will need to find a way to make the room darker in case the place where you are staying doesn’t have blackouts. A very easy fix is black trash bags taped to windows, and our baby sleep coach in NJ and sleep specialist in OKC love the Slumberpod!

Can you check a pack n’ play for free?

Pack n’ plays can be checked in but they count as luggage and you may be charged depending on the airline. Most hotels have pack n’ plays at no extra cost; we highly recommend that you call them ahead of time and ask them to place one in your room. If you need to bring your pack n’ play with you, there are plenty of lightweight, easy-to-collapse ones in the market. 

Here’s your baby’s packing checklist:

  • Diapers – enough for your trip to and from your destination, buy more later. 
  • Lotion 
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby wipes – enough for your trip to and from your destination, buy more later. 
  • Two outfits per day
  • Two sets of pjs
  • Pack n’ Play
  • Slumberpod or black trash bags and tape
  • White noise
  • Sleep sack or swaddle
  • Lovey if they have one

If you need more help planning out your trip, we can help! We offer travel baby sleep consulting and plans to make sure you can maintain your baby’s sleep during your getaway. 

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