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How to Help Your Baby and Child Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

daylight saving time

Daylight Saving Time is around the corner, and If you are a concerned mama like me, you are wondering how you can help your little ones adjust easily to the time change. Losing an hour of sleep isn’t easy for adults and children alike. I am here to the rescue with all the tips! Let’s jump right in.

Gradually move their sleep schedule earlier. 

Starting on Wednesday night, start moving your little one’s bedtime later by 15 minutes. Each night. For example, if your little one’s bedtime is usually 7:30 pm, on Wednesday night you will lay them down at 7:15 pm, 7 pm on Thursday night, 6:45 pm on Friday night, and 6:30 pm on Saturday night. On Sunday night, lay them down at their usual bedtime. If you have a baby taking naps, move their nap times in the same fashion. 

Get their bedroom ready. 

Now is the time to get their sleep environment ready as the sun rises earlier and sets later. Babies and children are especially sensitive to light and the slightest sign of daylight will make it difficult for them to fall asleep and stay asleep. Install blackout shades on windows and cover the crack under their door. A great, inexpensive hack is to black garbage bags taped to windows!

Stick to a consistent bedtime routine. 

Continue to lay your little one down for the night, religiously, at the same time, and keep their bedtime routine intact. Remember, each step of their bedtime routine is a cue for their brain to get ready for sleep. Technically, you will be asking them to go to sleep an hour earlier than usual, so they will need all the extra signals they can get that sleep is coming!

Go outside. 

Spend plenty of time outdoors! Exposure to sunlight will help your little one’s circadian rhythm adjust to the new time change. Sunlight exposure in the morning hours is preferred. 

Be patient. 

I am a Certified Sleep Consultant, and as a sleep expert, I am not a magician, and your little ones are not robots. These tips will help you if you are consistent and understand that it will take time for your child to adjust. Give these tips at least a week and stay consistent!

If your little one is struggling with sleep issues that go beyond adjusting to Daylight Saving Time, me and my team are here to help. You can book a free evaluation call with one of us here:

Maria Lopez, founder of Not A Peep

Certified Sleep Consultant, serving families in Philadelphia, Oklahoma, San Francisco, nationwide, and worldwide.

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